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376 Kennels Specializing In The Best Bolio Redboy Jocko

(PUPS WILL BE PRICED AT $2,500 FIRM MALE OR FEMALE) The deposit $1,250 down when the puppy is one week old the other $1,250 is due before puppy is six weeks old. Our foundation stud 376 MADAWG ROM produced WORLD CLASS DOGS I can truly say going on 30 years in these dogs this by far is the best family of dogs DON'T MISS OUT ON ONE OF THESE PUPPIES.

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Istory of Patrick?s Indian Bolio R.O.M | Central Coast Ke

Bolio was the only one to have confronted opponents weighing more than him by 15 pounds. Clayton Bennett of Texas bought Bolio from Maurice Carver and sent him to Floyd Boudreaux to train him until he would be ready for a tremendously challenging match against a dog that had killed his previous adversaries.

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Pat Patrick Indian Bolio | American Sentinel K9,

I have settled on the Maloney dogs, the BOLIO dogs and the TATER and FAITH lines because these bloodlines have worked the best for me and produced good individuals. I also like the dogs that come from Indian Sonny?s Corvino dog, CRUSHER and the old Carver dogs with little or no BULLYSON bloodlines in them.

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Ready Red Kennels - Redboy Jocko & Bolio

For Redboy Jocko & Bolio puppies go to the puppies tab, for future or current breedings go to breedings tab, & for all studs go to the stud tab! 0:00 / 2:46 All information on these webpages are for entertainment purpose (fictional) and used confidential.

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THE BEST OF MAYDAY, BOLIO, LUTHER, AND CROSSES. At MAL KANT Kennels we strive to build a sound foundation of American Pit Bull Terriers. We have studied the blood of the past and present to help create the dog of the future.

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Our dogs must meet several criteria before they are chosen for breeding. We do not have accidental breedings. If someone claims to be Red Storm Kennels, please send us a text and we can confirm that you are getting a strong healthy puppy from us. We do not breed any dog that is aggressive in any way towards humans.

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The same can be said for old man Chavis, Tant, and Waccamaw with the Redboy-Jocko line. We only breed with different strains of Bolio-Tombstone and Redboy-Jocko. As you can clearly see, our dogs are not crossed. Occasionally we will stud out one of our males for pups with our long time friends, we then offer those pups for sale.

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Townsend's Nigerino dogs -

Pups will be healthy as always and price will be more than fair. Please feel free to click on the email link below for any qustions. We do not have any pups at this time but do plan to sometime this spring. We will post pups at time of any breeding done. Can contact @ [email protected]

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Old Carver Blood dogs for sale at a working mans price.. Get

double bred jenkins jeep redboy and jenkins boyles redboy bolio dogs ALL FOR SALE . 492. 2. Aug 10, 2020 10:07pm by double bred jenk... Mayday x Carver. Mayday x ...

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